Achmad Zaky: Indonesia Need More Founder Startup

by -478 views, Jakarta – As a big country with over 200 million people, Indonesia need more startup founder. Founder BukaLapak, Achmad Zaky said that statement on Tech in Asia Conference at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Senayan, South Jakarta, Tuesday (8/10/2019).

“I think generally in Southeast Asia, we need more great startup founders. If you look at Israel and Sweden, the founder per capita is so high. They have 10 thousand founders. In Indonesia only have a thousand,” Zaky said.

Zaky considered that in fact Indonesia did not lack human resources to become a digital startup giant. For example, he revealed that every month Bukalapak receives more than 20 thousand job applications. Proving that there are so many technological talents in Indonesia.

“I think the current number of talents is quite high. More people are entering technology companies now than ever before, ” he said.

Zaky noticed that the growing ecosystem of human resources must be utilized by technology companies in Indonesia. On the other hand, he considers that the problem is not the workers, but the company’s founder.

“I actually think that the gap is on the founder side. We have a lot of talents from a reputable university. For example Universitas Bina Nusantara(Binus) and Universitas Indonesia (UI), they give a to thousands of fresh graduate, good talents every year. The problem is the founder, I think, “Zaky said.

“We have to make more supply for the founders, and that means you ( he speaks to the audience) must be good founders. You have to prove that your company can grow quickly, get investment, and then produce a balance, ” he said.

Reporter: Mulyono Sri Hutomo
Rajab Ritonga


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