Benoa, Home Port for Cruise Ships

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Port of Benoa Bali has completed the process of dredging and deepening of the channel from minus nine meters LWS (low water spring) to minus 12 meters LWS. This has enabled cruise ships with a length of more than 350 meters to berth alongside the port, where previously they could only anchor outside the port.

“The completion of dredging port basin and deepening of the channels will increase the number of cruise ship visits. In fact, the cruise ship will not only transit, but the port of Benoa will also be the home port for cruise-ships, where cruise ships depart from Benoa, to then travel around Eastern Indonesia and return to Benoa,” said Pelindo III Director of Business Transformation and Development, Toto Nugroho Pranatyasto.

“By becoming a home port cruise, surely it provides a positive impact for the economy in Bali. When a cruise ship rests on a port, it can produces an economic value for the surrounding community. Because tourists will increase the length of their stay and eventually shop more. Hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, public transport/rent will also benefited from it,” added Toto.

In addition, to support Port of Benoa to become the home of the cruise ship, Pelindo III also undertakes other developments including the rearrangement of tourist, Oil and Gas ship designation zones, fisheries, and the construction of international terminals by beautifying the port area with Balinese artistic touches.

The number of cruise ship passenger visits in 2018 has recorded the sum 54,802 foreign tourists, which is a five percent increase compared to 2017, when it was recorded for the visit of 52,125 people. For the number of cruise ships, 67 units of cruise ships have visited Bali through Port of Benoa, during 2018.

Pelindo III has also increased the capacity of the passenger terminal building, which initially had a capacity of only 900 people, to be enlarged to accommodate 3,500 people in a building of 5,600 square meters. Construction of the cruise ship passenger terminal buildings in Benoa will be completed in the second semester of 2019, until February, the progress of building physical construction has reached 58 percent.

“With the revitalization, surely it will add interest regarding the arrival of cruise ships; because the safety and comfort aspects will be guaranteed,” said Pelindo III Engineering Director, Joko Noerhudha.

“Now port basin in the east, south, and in area of liquid bulk and gas became minus 12 meters LWS. In addition, the turning basin is also widened so that ships that have a longer turning radius can maneuver safely from 300 meters to 420 meters. Also, the width in the eastern port basin from the beginning of 150 meters has now been increased to 200 meters, and for the western port basin from 150 meters to 330 meters,“ he added.

“Port of Benoa itself contributes around 45 percent of the total number of tourists visiting cruise ships that stops in the port managed by Pelindo III. The total contribution marks as many as 125,218 tourists in 2018, and in the near future, we will carry out strategic partner selection tenders for cruise service development terminal,“ he concluded.

Reporter: Mulyono Sri Hutomo
Rajab Ritonga


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