Founder BukaLapak: Social Problem in Indonesia, Opportunity for Startup Industry

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Ilustrasi. Foto: Pixabay/, Jakarta – Founder BukaLapak, an Indonesian unicorn startup, Achmad Zaky mentioned the opportunity to build a technology business through startups that have great potential, especially in Indonesia.

Because Indonesia has many social problems that have not yet been solved. These problems are an opportunity for potential founders who want to start a startup business.

“You know that Indonesia has a myriad of problems. Indonesia is the most problematic country in the world, I think. And I think this is an opportunity,” Achmad Zaky said in front of the conference Tech in Asia 2019 participants.

Speaking at the conference, Achmad Zaky presented The BukaLapak Story: Scaling at Speed. He remembers, in the early days of Bukalapak being founded in 2010, there were still very few venture capital companies and angel investors as they are now willing to invest in startups.

“At that time there were very few investors. I was fortunate to get investment from Japan because at that time there was rarely anyone who wanted to give capital to startups,” Zaky said.

“We start small in a room or boarding house and don’t think it will be as big as it is now. Do not expect anything, but now the company is growing very large,” he said.

In 2011 he even thought of closing the business that started, because at that time there was little hope and limited capital in developing his business. At that time when job vacancies for BukaLapak via the internet were spread, no one was interested.

But, different conditions right now. Now, the company can receive two to thirty thousands of CVs and job applications. However, Bukalapak is truly selective in recruiting talents.

“There are so many talents. We have 20 thousand CV applicants every month. But to accept it, we are truly selective. That means, that Indonesia has never lacked talent, “Zaky explained.

He said, at present, Bukalapak has very good growth. This was achieved thanks to the hard work of the entire Bukalapak team. Therefore, he has the responsibility to maintain Bukalapak’s performance, which has been trusted by consumers in Indonesia.

“Right now, Bukalapak is very good. Because success is achieved with difficulty. Therefore, maintaining Bukalapak but growing is my responsibility. Because this will have an impact on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), as well as all consumers in Indonesia, ” Zaky said.

Reporter: Mulyono Sri Hutomo
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